Waste Reduction and the Surfing Industry

Updated: Jul 28

A little background on our stance as a company surrounding surfing and waste reduction.

Here at Revival, we're committed to reducing the amount of waste produced within the surf industry, which is why we created the first ever Surf Board Bag Repair Kit. Our Repair Kit preserves the life of your board bag by a few years, reduces the impact on landfill and ultimately saves you money. Spread the word and the environmental impact is all the greater.

Surfing is a wonderful thing and the culture surrounding the sport is unique. It's fair to say we believe that almost all surfers as well as the industry itself wants to preserve our oceans, landscapes and coastal areas. In order to do this as a community we need to be more conscious of plastic waste and this includes throwing away a good board bag simply because the zip has bust.

There are some fantastic charities and organisations out there doing their bit to help make the environment a better place in regard to waste. Plastic Free North Devon, a neighbour to us being based down here in North Devon, is doing some fantastic work towards waste prevention whilst improving natural areas plastic quantities. Surfers Against Sewage is another non-profit doing highly admirable work within the industry.

The world is in a very fragile state right now and we all need to play our part within the surfing community. So, if you do have a broken surfboard bag, instead of dumping it, revive it with one of our Revival Repair Kits.

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